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Spice Tour with a Cooking Class in Zanzibar

Spice Tour with a Cooking Class in Zanzibar is half-day experience whereby tourist can learn how to prepare swahili dish, and after all this will be their lunch

3 Days $ 35 pp


Itinerary Details

We have an organised schedule for managing your spice tour starting early morning to ensure you get all the dawn light of Zanzibar. Here is the complete detail of the structured trip of your lifetime.

Morning-Exploring the spice farms

There’s no better way to start your day than in fields of lush green spice that naturally emit aroma that immerses into your soul. The fragrances, views and impressions are more real in the morning because of no noise, light or dust pollution. Zanzibar’s spice farms in Tanzania are the hidden treasures where vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chillies, cardamoms and nutmeg are grown delicately. We have divided spice form exploration into 2 more categories:

1.Guided Tours

Our experienced guides with in-depth knowledge will accompany you to the farm while sharing the best spice farm history, types and uses in different dishes. In this part, you can witness how spices are grown, harvested and processed.

2.Tasting Session

You will taste and sense raw spice right from the farm with overwhelming delicious fragrances. Savour the extreme Zanzbari spice flavours and enjoy the experience like no other.

3.Interactions with farmers

During the spice farm tour in Zanzibari, interact with local farmers who let you connect with traditions on a deeper level. These farmers will happily share the stories and historic spice ventures with you to make your trip memorable.

Afternoon - Cooking Class

You work under certified chefs to create marvellous local dishes using freshly processed spices. Here’s what you can expect from a traditional Zanzibari Kitchen adventure:

1.Ingredient Selection

Guided by our local master chef, you will select fresh ingredients from the spice market to explore the spice tradition and learn what spices are needed for specific dishes.

2.Cooking Demonstration

The chef will demonstrate how cooking is done with the necessary details and ingredients. You will need to pay close attention.

3.Hands-on Cooking

After you have learned from the demonstration, you will apply this newly earned knowledge to cook traditional dishes. Don’t worry, our chefs will be there all the time to help you. 

4.Lunch and Feast

After the cooking class is done and savoury dishes are ready, it is time for you to feast on the cuisines created locally with your talent. In this part, we share the meal and the respect, understanding and love for a lasting impression on your mind and soul.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid any confusion and misunderstanding, we want you to be aware of our cancellation for the sake of a pleasurable touring experience. 

  • You will need to contact our team a day before the journey starts
  • There will be a cancellation fee deducted before allowing a refund, depending upon the number of days passed
  • The cancellation policy works only on important occasions, such as emergencies. Change of mood is not encouraged.
  • Instead of cancelling, we offer a policy where you can delay your trip for a reasonable time as works in favour of both parties


We highly recommend you be sure before booking a tip as we work hard to ensure you have the experience of your lifetime.

Price and  Inclusions

The prices of this unforgettable are affordable and include the following delightful facilities :


Pick-up drop service from your accommodation in stone town to the Zanzibar spice farm, spice farms,

2.Spice farm tour:

A perfect start to the Zanzibar trip starts from the spice farm, where you are welcomed with fascinating raw and fresh spice aroma touching your senses. You will learn about spice cultivation and processing from our Zanzibar tour guides and local farmers.

3.Market visit:

After the spice farms tour, you will be transported to a market where you get a traditional and historical glimpse of the Zanzibar spice market and local people.

4.Cooking Class:

The next part of the package is a cooking class under local master chefs deeply accustomed to local traditional Zanzibar dishes. You cook your meal with fresh ingredients handpicked from the Zanzibar spice palette.


After you cook it, you will munch on it with a feast organized by our tour guides. So that you get the experience you came and paid for.

6.Interaction :

A crucial part of the package is creating an environment where you get to know and connect with our friendly Zanzibar locals. After all, it is people who create ever-lasting memories.

7.Recipe Booklet:

As Zanzibar is mostly about Spices and delicious cuisines, we offer you a Booklet that contains recipes of traditional dishes crafted by our master chef team. We will feel proud that something that belongs to Zanzibar is being your lifetime munching companion.


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