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Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi Village Tour: A Cultural Odyssey around the village of nungwi, we start by visiting the fish market, dhow making place and local streets

2 Days $ 20 pp

Itinerary Details

We have divided the Nungwi village tour into three significant parts, as explained below:

Embarking on the Journey

Our trip to the village starts in the morning with a brief introduction and welcome. Our excellent local tour guides will greet you, sharing details and knowledge about the destination. You will learn about history, culture, and exquisite Zanzibar-Nungwi traditions that have existed for centuries.

After the welcome, head to the famous old fishing harbor of Nungwi. On this stop, you will engage with local fishermen to learn about ancient-age fishing techniques Zanzibar boasts about. Next to the fishing pier, our tour guides will lead you to the bustling—Nungwi fishing market. You will enjoy roaming on aisles of colorful fish and spices; meanwhile, our guides will keep adding useful and interesting facts to your knowledge.

Cultural Immersion

As the day passes, your Nungwi village tour delves deeper into Swahili cultural heaven. You will learn about magical henna that leaves colors on your skin, traditional foods cooked in Swahili styles, and unique dressings that emit vibrant colors. Along with our tours, local fishermen, traders, and common inhabitants will interact with you gently as an opportunity to create lasting memories.


At this point, another marvel of a trip awaits you—that is the Mnrani Turtle aquarium. This aquarium allows you to release turtles into the ocean, thus enriching your experience. As a marine tourist, you must know about sea turtles’ lifestyle and how to protect them to conserve the ecosystem. This trip is a chance to learn it.

Beach Serenity and Farewell

After roaming around the dock, market, and local Swahili culture, you must relax a little. The Nungwi beach is the best option for leisure activities, including a delightful lunch with freshly caught seafood cooked in traditional spices. The feel of soft, powdery sand beneath your feet under the settling sun into the west is refreshing therapy to mind and soul. If required, you can quench your swimming shirts by dipping into the shallow waters of Nungwi Beach.


Local craft shopping is another joyous feat that encouraging you to delve into sculptural history. You can purchase handcrafted souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. These crafts become great memories of ventures a person indulges in along the aisle of life. After the shopping, we will take you back to the residence or our main center.

Cancellation Policy

Please read our cancellation policy and contact us with any questions to avoid discomfort.

  • For a free cancellation, You will need to contact our team a day before the journey starts
  • The cancellation policy works only on important occasions, such as emergencies. Change of mood is not encouraged.
  • Instead of canceling, we offer a policy where you can delay your trip for a reasonable time, as it works in favor of both parties.


We highly recommend you be sure before booking a tip as we work hard to ensure you have the experience of your lifetime.

Price inclusion

We offer a package for the Nungwi village tour that includes essentials to make your experience rich and memorable. Refer to the following details.

  • Local Guide:  Expert local guides with excellent knowledge will lead you to enhance your experience on the village tour.
  • Fishing Village Visit: First stop at the ancient fishing harbor to get acquainted with traditional Zanzibar fishing techniques.
  • Fish Market Experience: Roam around and discover a vibrant fishing market with traditional Zanzibar spices—an excellent chance to interact with local fishermen.
  • Swahili Culture Activities: learn about Swahili culture, foods, dances, dresses, and henna designs.
  • Nungwi Beach Time: Relax on the beach under the gently warm sun.
  • Nungwi Mnrani Aquarium visit: One of the Highlights of this trip is to increase your knowledge about conserving marine.
  • Craft Shopping: Buy handcrafted art pieces to gift your loved ones or keep them by yourself as a pleasant memory.


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