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Kuza Cave Tour

Kuza Cave Tour is a half-day tour at the jambiani village, the cave has very famous history and unique appearance

3 Days $ 20 pp

Itinerary details:

A few hours yet full of adventures, the Kuza cave trip offers wonders divided into the following parts:

1.Entry to Kuza Cave

Our local tour guides will pick you up from your residence in a comfortable ride. While moving towards Kuza cave, on the way, you will witness local people's dwellings, beautiful Swahili culture, widely stretched green patches of Jabani Jungle and the refreshing sensation due to the local atmosphere.

  • After we arrive at the destination, you will have to pay the cave entry fee per person.
  •  You will be welcomed by the Cave administration, who will share helpful knowledge and necessary information about the cave.
  • All of the luggage and apparel will be guarded and safe by our team.
  • As you encounter the cave, you will see thousands of years old coral formations and limestone cutting that keep the cave water fresh.
  • A complete sense of silence and abyss will put you in awe and bring your seeing, hearing, and listening sense to life.
  • Water is shallow as you stroll into the cave but grows deeper and extends to other parts.
  • Enjoy the feel of healing water touching your skin, creating unforgettable memories.

2.Dancing and Drumming:

As you enter the cave territory, you will notice local people enjoying traditional drumming. They are professional Swahili drummers who will teach you how to create conventional melodies with drums. Here is how to enroll in a drumming class.

  • Like cave entry, there is a fee for drumming class, which is highly affordable.
  • After you have paid for the class, you will join the company of professional drummers to learn.
  • From slow to fast, easy and hard, you will learn famous Sawaili melodies.
  • This memorable experience will stay with you for the rest of your life.
  • The drumming class lesson lasts 20-40 minutes, depending on your interest.

3.Swahili Cooking Class

The next adventure on the cave territory is Swahili cooking class. The Swahili culture has been a center of attraction for centuries due to its unique dressing, fishing, singing, and cooking traditions. Fortunately, you enjoy the culture by participating in it with Sawili's cooking class.

  • Enroll for the class at a small price
  • 4-to 5 famous Sawihili dishes are available to learn
  • The cave administration provides all the spices and ingredients.
  • Local chefs will oversee and supervise your cooking class.
  • The cooking class proceeds with instruction and demonstration.
  • In the next step, you will incorporate learning into your experience by cooking.
  • The cooking classes, cuisine, and spices are some of the highlights of Zanzibar.
  • In the end, you will receive a booklet of the recipes.

4.Refreshment & Lunch

With swimming, cooking, drumming, and walking adventures, you must restore your energy by feasting on the Sawili lunch.

  • Enjoy the lunch that you made during the Swahili cooking class.
  • In addition, our team will have refreshments and delicious food for you. 
  • You will rest and stroll around the cave and greeneries to relax.
  • Having lunch in a natural environment that blends green plants, sandy land, watery caves, and ancient history is a mind-blowing and ever-lasting experience.

5.Understanding & Learning about Antique Ancient Culture

Kuza Cave is not only a traveling and swimming attraction but also depicts the values and traditions of Swahili Culture. You amuse yourself with the ancient paintings, drawings, and artifacts from the local culture. Here is a list of possible artifacts you may encounter during your Kuza Cave trip.

  • Centuries-old wall drawings and Paintings
  • Cooking utensils,  drinking pots
  • Apparel, shoes, and Jewellery


When you finish your adventures, we will embark on a return journey with lasting memories, souvenirs, and experiences.

Cancellation Policy

Please read our cancellation policy and contact us with any questions to avoid discomfort.

  • You must contact our team a  day before the journey starts.
  • The cancellation policy works only on important occasions, such as emergencies. Change of mood is not encouraged.
  • Instead of canceling, we offer a policy where you can delay your trip for a reasonable time, as it works in favor of both parties.


We highly recommend you be sure before booking a tip as we work hard to ensure you have the experience of your lifetime.

Price Inclusion

A few hours' trip to Kuza Cave Includes:

  • Welcome and Briefing:  You will greet and meet with staff and be briefed about the trip.
  • Guided Trip: Our guides will be your companions with proper information.
  • Artefacts and Antiques:  In the end, you will learn about artifacts and ancient drawings of Sawahili culture.


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