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Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar Stone Town Tour is a walking half day activity which starts from the heart of historical Zanzibar Stone town, with this private tour we can organize transport from/ to your hotel.

3 hours Days $ 30 pp $ 25 pp

Stone town tour: The best Experience

Stone Town Tour in Zanzibar island is a very popular tour among our range of tours. Stone Town is a mich sought after town for a variety of reasons. During the Stone Town tour in Zanzibar you will be given the opportunity of experiencing what Stone Town can offer you.

The Zanzibar Old Town tour is a half day tour. The fee is only $25 per person. The tour lasts about three hours and it is a guided tour. The guide will take you to the various spots in Stone Town, including the City Market at Darajani, the Forodhani Garden, and numerous historical sites and places. You will also see a series of monuments, while the guide will explain what part of the Zanzibar history lies behind such historical sites.

Attractions in stone town

One of the main attractions of the Stone Town tour is a visit to the National Museum of Zanzibar. This museum was opened back in 1925, and there are several interesting relics exhibited here. After the museum, the guide will lead you to the waterfront and towards Shangani Street. Here there is the Old British Consolate, the Arab Fort which dates back to the 1700s, and the House of Wonders which was built back in 1883.

Afterwards, you will head for a leisure stroll across the Bazaar streets. Here you will be able to appreciate the unique narrow stress of Stone Town. This old part of Zanzibar is renowned for its old buildings, some of which date back to two centuries ago. Here there are also quite a few exotic bazaars as well as curio shops.

During the Zanzibar City Tour you will also be able to experience the various markets, such as the fruit, fish, chicken and spice markets. There are also popular spots such as the Old Slave Market, the Slave Chambers, the Old Fort, the Palace Museum, the Custom House, the Old Dispensary and Old Harbour, KeleKele Square, and much more.

If you are interested in the Stone Town Tour in Zanzibar you are invited to contact us, or else to book directly for this tour on your preferred date via our website.

We can safely state that practically no tourist who visits Zanzibar has been here without going on a tour in the Old City. Stone Town offers so many interesting attractions and sites, and it is a must to visit it. Here you will not be able to fully appreciate the rich history of the place, but you will also be able to see a great deal of sites and places. Moreover there will be time for some shopping too. In fact the Stone Town tour is popular with tourists of all kinds and ages, as it literally suits everyone’s and anyone’s preferences.

Moreover, since this is a half day tour it can easily be combined with another half day tour from the various ones that we offer. Some of these include the Jozani Forest tour, the Prison Island Tour and the Zanzibar Spice Tour.

Why Stone town tour is the number one day trip on zanzibar Island?

The Zanzibar Old Town Tour that we offer is one of the best ones you can choose as we have been taking care of this tour for several years and we have highly experienced and dedicated guides who will ensure that you benefit from a detailed explanation of all the sites you visit during this tour. Moreover, despite being a half day tour we manage to squeeze in all the best sites in Stone Town that any tourist would want to see. So, leave your Zanzibar Stone Town tour in our hands as we are expert in tours in Zanzibar, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!


stone town tour zanzibar

* Is a walking tour around norrow streets in the old town

* It is 3 hours leisurely walking tour

* The tour is private only for you and your partners

* It is advisable to wear decent clothes (not beach costumes)

* The only opportunity to do shopping through curio and bazaar streets

* It has no restrictions to any age



* Tourist can combine this tour with either Spice tour or Prison island Trip

Guide fee

Entrance fee

All government taxes


Transfer from and return to your hotel is available only for the additional costs


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