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Prison Island tour

This is a half day boat trip on the island which is locally known as changuu. Tourists will swim, doing some snorkeling and playing with giant tortoises.

3 hours Days $ 45 pp

If you are interested in the Prison Island Tour we would like to invite you to book this tour with us. Our Prison Island Tour Zanzibar has been very popular since we started organizing it. This is because apart from being an enticing tour for different tourists, it is also a very affordable one. This is a half day tour which is being offered at only $35 per person.

This Zanzibar Prison Island Tour will offer you a myriad of attractions. The main ones include the Zanzibar tortoises, which many tourists are eager to see. The Zanzibarian tortoises are said to have been on the island for over 150 years. These tortoises are really sociable and you will be able to get close to them and see them up close.

Another main attraction during the Prison Island Tour is the historical site of the central prison of Zanzibar, from which the name of the tour derives. This was built back in 1893, but despite the fact that it has been named as a prison it was never used as a prison in reality.

For those who love swimming and snorkelling, this is an ideal tour. If you snorkel around the prison you will surely be intrigued by the sights you will see of Changuu Island. You will need to bear in mind the history of slavery which is linked to this place. Simply relaxing or swimming are another two options, allowing this tour to be ideal for anyone regardless of his or her preference.

It is also important to point out that when embarking the engine boat, which are about 7 metres long, you will be able to take a good look around you. This boat tour to Prison Island Zanzibar takes about half an hour.

Being a half day tour we suggest that the Zanzibar Prison Island tour is booked along with another half day tour, such as the Stone Town Tour, the Spice Tour or the Jozani Forest Tour. Please note that if you are staying outside of Stone Town you will incur extra costs for transport. Feel free to contact us for more details in this regard or on anything else about the Zanzibar Prison Island Tour or the boat trip to Prison Island Zanzibar.

As this is a private tour there is no set time. The tour may start anytime between 9am and 4pm.

The Prison Island tour Zanzibar is a really interesting tour. While there is not a great deal to be done on the island itself, the sights this tour will be able to offer you are simply unique. Simply consider the tortoises which are so old and big that they will surely intrigue you and it is not easy to find them anywhere else. Secondly, there is the history of the island. Additionally you may wish to note that the snorkelling you can do here is quite different from how you get to experience it in other places.  The seafloor is filled with sea creatures, and so if you love snorkelling this trip is simply a must. The reef particularly is really beautiful. The boat trip is also a pleasant experience as you get to see the area while enjoying the sea, the breeze and the nature.

Considering all this, we encourage you to book your Prison Tour Zanzibar as it is truly worthwhile, both in terms of the affordable rate per person, as well as the various attractions you will be able to indulge in and see. This is definitely a tour which will make you savour the beauty of Zanzibar in a unique way.


prison island tour nzanzibar

* come with swim costumes, sandals, towels, 

* Be ready get wet

* Nice place for photos with giant tortoises

* 25 minutes by engine woden-boat


* Tourist may combine this tour with either stone town tour, spice tour and Jozani forest tour

* Guide fee

* Entrance fee

* Boat fee

* Snorkelling gears

* All government taxes


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