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A Day Trip To Mikumi Safari from Zanzibar

A Day Trip To Mikumi Safari from Zanzibar. is one among the best day safari packages

1 day Day $ 450 pp

The route towards Mikumi National Park from Zanzibar

Mikumi is more accessible than many thought. Tanzania is connected to neighboring Zambia through the A7 highway. It is the primary gateway to Mikumi via Dar es Salaam. The road links Iringa to Mikumi in less than four hours.

Mikumi National Park Entrance Fee

To be able to enter the wild animals, it's required to pay:

  1. For foreign citizens, $30.
  2. For children aged 15 USD (5-15 years old)
  3. Adults living in the local area pay $15 US
  4. $5 US for children in the local area

The Best Time to Take the Mikumi National Park

The best time for an excursion to Mikumi National Park is June through September. It has clear skies, and wildlife is the highest activity, making it easier to find magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat.

Activities to Do in Mikumi National Park

Mikumi provides a variety of activities that can make your trip unforgettable.

  • Game drives: Start your adventure on thrilling game drives to explore the diverse wildlife species in Mikumi, including elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalos, zebras, and zebras.
  • Days Safaris: Choose an excursion that lasts the whole day. After that, you'll embark on an unforgettable trip before returning to Zanzibar in the evening.
  • Plan your itinerary: You should plan your excursion carefully to maximize your time at Mikumi National Park.

Where to Stay at Mikumi National Park

You can fully experience the splendor of Mikumi. It is possible to choose any of the camping areas that are located within the park.

  1. Vuma Hill Tented Camp
  2. Stanley's Kopje Camp
  3. Mantis Lodge and Camp
  4. Tan-Swiss Lodge
  5. Camp Bastian Mikumi
  6. Mikumi Adventure Lodge

1. Vuma Hill Tented Camp

The 16 Vuma tents provide a luxury level distinct from standard camping. Camping in Canvas here is far from the everyday annoyances of camping. The tents are equipped with an outdoor veranda with an encased deck of wood in front and ensuite bathrooms to the rear with everything you require. The bar area is inviting, with a warm log fire, which is the heart, and has an expansive deck from which you can watch the sunset across Mkata Plains. Mkata Plains beneath. In the similar thatched roofing is a dining space that provides breathtaking panoramas of lush greenery while overlooking the pool.

2. Stanley's Kopje Camp

Stanley's Kopje is unique since it is the sole elevated region on flat plains that are completely undeveloped and untouched. The area is also surrounded by a lake nearby that attracts wildlife to the camp. The name of the camp comes from the renowned Explorer Morten Stanley. He was the commander of an expedition in Mikumi National Park, passing close to where the camp was. The camp comprises twelve airy and spacious Meru-style tents spread across Kopje.

They are built on solid wooden platforms and have traditional thatched roofs. The tents are shaded by an open terrace where you can watch the surrounding wildlife. The hill's highest point is the main banda, which offers breathtaking 360-degree views. It's constructed in the typical Swahili style with high-pitched roofs. The dining space is in the bar's central area, with seating and dining areas facing either the north, south, and east or west. The structure below features a shaded seating area adjacent to the swimming pool. It's a great place to relax from the sun and countless game-viewing opportunities.

3. Mantis Lodge and Camp

Mantis Lodge, Mantis Lodge Mantis Lodge, and the Camping Site are situated in the Mikumi forests within the buffer zone within Mikumi National Park. It's accessible within 1.2 kilometers of the Tanzanian Zambia Highway. It's on the right as you travel through Iringa and on the right of the entrance, which leads to the exit of the gate to Mikumi National Park if you're traversing across Morogoro. The lodge was designed to blend into the landscape with the natural surroundings, providing guests with a peaceful and luxurious stay. It's the perfect place for various celebrations and celebrations like weddings, holidays, conferences, and retreats to write for vacation.

4. Tan-Swiss Lodge

It is situated just 17 kilometers from the main entrance point of Mikumi National Park. The spacious accommodation includes rooms, bungalows, and the possibility of spending your evening gazing at an African night sky while camping at the campsite. The rooms and bungalows have air conditioning and flat-screen televisions. Each has a bathroom that is separate from the other. The bungalows have sitting areas and an outdoor patio to ensure peace and comfort. Wi-Fi is available for free throughout the outside areas. It lets you send unforgettable photos to friends and family right after your Mikumi travels. The pool that is located outdoors is open all year and can be enjoyed both evening and throughout the day.

5. Camp Bastian Mikumi

The camp features nine cottages and an extensive campsite set in the natural surroundings of Camp Bastian, where the peaceful sound of crickets, beetles, and birds serves as an alarm for the day. Camp Bastian's knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff is always ready to help guests. It's committed to providing the best service. More than 50 permanent and temporary employees from the region comprise the team and demonstrate their commitment to community investment and the well-being of the people.


The meals available at Camp Bastian are a highlight of the camp, featuring meals cooked at home using local ingredients. Food is always fresh, and a unique menu is available daily, offering many options to minimize food waste and ensuring that the food is of the highest standards and high quality. The menus offered in Camp Bastian's Mikumi are based on these principles and offer an experience that is exclusive to the restaurant.

6. Mikumi Adventure Lodge

Mikumi Adventure Lodge is located in Morogoro and situated in Morogoro. It can be found 8.9 miles (14.3 kilometers) from the Mikumi National Park South Gate and about 28.2 miles (45.4 kilometers) from K1 Church. Additionally, it's just 28.2 millimeters (45.4 kilometers) to Kilombero Golf Club. The lodge has 14 spacious guest rooms. Wireless Internet is available to ensure you stay connected throughout your stay. The lodge is an ideal location to unwind. Visitors can use the hotel's massages and enjoy leisure facilities such as the outdoor pool.

Additionally, it offers services such as wireless Internet access and barbecue grills. In Mikumi Adventure Lodge Mikumi Adventure Lodge, it is possible to dine on a delectable dinner at the on-site restaurant. It provides a continental breakfast daily, from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. If you need transportation to your destination airport, the shuttle service round trip is offered at a reasonable cost. Self-parking is also accessible within the hotel.


Mikumi Safari in Zanzibar is an unforgettable trip that will be a treasured memory in your heart. It doesn't matter whether you opt for a one-day or an extended trip. The breathtaking scenery and fantastic nature will have you amazed. After your trip to Mikumi, you can go back home to Zanzibar for a relaxing time on the peaceful beaches, the lively culture, and the rich history of Spice Island. Use this opportunity to make your trip from Zanzibar as well as Mikumi National Park something to be remembered in the section of your travel diary.

Mikumi National Park is a gem in Tanzania that invites tourists to experience its breathtaking beauty and stunning scenery. Plan an adventure that begins with Zanzibar to Mikumi, and be awestruck by the beauty of nature that you have previously unimaginable.

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