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Spice Plantation Tour

Spice Tour in Zanzibar is a 2 to 3 hours guided tour within a spice and tropical fruits plantation, tourists may buy some fresh spices by the end of the tour

3 Days $ 25 pp $ 20 pp

Spice Tour In Zanzibar: Need To Know More

Zanzibar offers a variety of attractions, some of which you will not be able to find anywhere else. One of the most interesting tours we offer is the Zanzibar Spice Tour. Have you ever visited a spice plantation? Most probably not. If you are heading to Zanzibar, you should definitely make sure to experience this. Our half day spice tour in Zanzibar is a very interesting one and many tourists decide to book for it. This is especially because being a half day tour they can also book another half day tour and so fill a whole day in a highly interesting way. We have other half day tours available for you to choose from, such as the Prison Island Tour, the Stone Town tour or the Jozani Forest Tour.

Our spice plantation tour in Zanzibar will definitely be a memorable one. During the tour you will get to discover the interesting and assorted range of spices and fruits that grow here. You will also be given the opportunity to taste several delicious tropical fruits. Being able to learn and see the various herbs, spices and rare species of plants that grow in Zanzibar is quite intriguing as you will never have heard or seen them before, let alone tasted them.

You may not know that Zanzibar is commonly also referred to as the Spice Island, and this is why this tour makes a lot of sense. It sheds light on the interesting history of Zanzibar in this field. Over the centuries, various spices were taken from Zanzibar to the Sultan of Oman across the Indian Ocean. This used to be done by the dhows by trying to take advantage of the seasonal trade winds. So spices have made up an important part of Zanzibar’s history, and are still important to this day. The cloves, nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon are just some of the spices that Zanzibar is well known for.

Since this is a guided tour you can expect a detailed and interesting explanation from the guide about these spices and plants, including what they are used for, how they are grown and so on. Some are even used as remedies, such as the leaves of the neem tree which were found to be very helpful against indigestion and malaria, or the red sap from the iodine tree that helps to fight against infections. Others were used for cosmetic purposes, such as the foaming berries that were used for centuries as an alternative to soap and the cloves from the henna tree that are used to produce dye for the hands and feet. Other popular spices include tamarind, vanilla, ginger, and menthol, to mention just a few.

During this tour you may also have the opportunity of getting a piece of body art made on you. This is carried out by using quick drying Indian ink, instead of henna, which takes longer to dry. You could also see a coconut climber at work, among various other unique scenes that can only be experienced in a spice plantation.

The Zanzibar spice tour is a truly original tour that many tourists look forward to. This tour usually starts at about 9am, but it could be anytime up to 4pm.

If you would like to learn more about the Zanzibar spice tour, or to book for it, please visit our website or get in touch with us. This tour is available for only $20 per person, with an extra fee for transport in case you are staying outside of Stone Town. The Spice Plantation tour in Zanzibar is a one of a kind tour that will surely be one of the highlights during your stay in Zanzibar.


spice tour zanzibar

* Is a walking tour around the spice farm

* It is 3 hours leisurely walking withing the plantation

* The tour is private only for you and your partners

* It is advisable to wear decent clothes (not beach costumes)

* The only opportunity to buy frech spices, herbs, and local made perfumes and soaps

* It has no restrictions to any age



* Tourist may combine this tour with either stone town tour, prison island trip and jozani forest tour

Guide fee

Entrance fee

All government taxes


Transfer from and return to your hotel is available only for the additional costs


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